the art of sound


- labels

EE tapes, a label for electronic, ambient and adventurous music

Enfant Terrible, record label for electronic music

Kraak, subsidized Flemish platform for expirimental electronic music

Raster-Noton, a network covering the overlapping border areas of pop, art and science

Staalplaat, shop / record label in Berlin for contemporary composition, experimental electronic, musique concrète and ambient

- organizations

Staalplaat soundsystemStaalplaat system organization of sound, you don't have to call it music

V2 organization, lab for the unstable media is an interdisciplinary center for art and media technology in Rotterdam

- magazines

Nonpop, German magazine for non popular music

- radio

Concertzender, broadcasts: cassical music, jazz, folk and contemporary music

Patapoe, free radio with no censorship or commercial interests, located somewhere in Amsterdam

- shops

A-musik, shop based in Cologne selling avant rock, noise, electroacoustic, improvised and contemporary music, ambient, drone and electronic music

Boomkat, independent online record store in Manchester, UK

Soleilmoon recordingsonline shop selling dark and electronic music, music with ethnic influences, ambient soundscapes and harsh experimental noise